Phillip D. McClain

Phillip D. McClainTitle: 1st Lieutenant

Company: United States Army

Location: Louisville, KY, United States

Philip D. McClain is 1st Lieutenant for the US Marine Corps Reserves, a division of the United States Army. Over the course of a triumphant military career, Mr. McClain has developed heightened emergency trauma medical treatment skills, which currently enable him to provide emergency medical services and in-flight medical treatment during transport to the hospital. He is also in charge of ensuring the control and stabilization of the patient. Mr. McClain holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which he received from the University of Louisville, and a number of additional accreditations. He is a Safety Operating Room Officer, and he has completed training in a Neonatal Resuscitation Program, in Basic Life Support, and in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and he is also Trauma Nursing Course Certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

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Phillip D. McClain

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