Peggie Murray

Peggie MurrayTitle: Management Analyst

Company: Department of the Army

APO, AE, February 21, 2012, Peggie Murray, Management Analyst for the Department of the Army, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements, and leadership in military logistics.

For nearly 30 years, Ms. Murray has strived for excellence in her every endeavor, shaping a career that would enable her to loyally and diligently serve the country she loves. She currently works in a geographic combatant command, staffs and prepares responses to government accounting agency audits, prepares executive level memos, and oversees executive staff work. In efforts to continue a tradition of military service and follow in the footsteps of her dedicated family members, Ms. Murray pursued her current career path after being inspired by her father, who was in the military during the Vietnam War, and she has since enjoyed the benefits wrought by an illustrious and time-honored career.

Ms. Murray is a Meritorious Service Medal recipient, and she has remained passionate about doing the best she can at every job she is given over the years. She pinpoints the highlight of her career as being her providing humanitarian assistance to third-world countries. Looking ahead toward a bright future, Ms. Murray intends to continue making every effort to provide the best service that she can in serving her country.

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Peggie Murray

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