Oneida Jeter

Oneida JeterTitle: Mobility Warrant Officer

Company: United States Army

Location: Nolanville, TX

Celebrating 17 years of military service, Ms. Jeter attributes her success to her hard work, and expertise in logistics and transportation. She is a graduate of TUI Universty with a Master of Science in emergency and disaster management. Additionally, she has further supplemented her education with a graduate certificate in supply chain management. Furthermore, Ms. Jeter holds certifications in performance-based logistics, supportability design for the U.S. Department of Defense systems, lean six sigma methodologies for manufacturing and acquisitions fundamentals. A two-time bronze star recipient, she has been honored with inclusion to The Artillery Order of Molly Pitcher and Honorable Order of Saint Christopher. 

In five years, Ms. Jeter hopes to retire from the military and obtain a position with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or Federal Emergency Management Agency in the field of logistics.

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Oneida Jeter

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