Mercedes Antomattei

Mercedes AntomatteiTitle: Staff Sergeant, Ammunition Instructor, Uniformed Victims Advocate, Academics Chief

Company: United States Marine Corps

Location: Huntsville, AL

With 17 years of professional experience, Mrs. Antomattei credits her success to the support she received from her mother, grandmother and aunt. As an ammunition instructor for the United States Marine Corps, she imparts her expert knowledge of ammunition technology to her students. She also holds responsibilities as the uniformed victims advocate and academics chief. Known for her commitment to the defense of her country, Mrs. Antomattei has been called upon to fill positions which were typically held by higher ranking officers; she previously acted as the staff non-commissioned officer in charge of the ammunition supply point in Iraq. In addition, she has been honored with achievement medals from the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, a drill instructor ribbon and a medal from NATO. Moving forward, Ms. Antomattei intends to explore new adventures following her retirement from the armed services, including the completion of a degree in psychology.

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Mercedes Antomattei

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