Mary Pursley-Cummings

Mary Pursley-CummingsTitle: Technical Sergeant, Supply Liaison Manager (Retired)

Company: United States Air Force

Location: Yorktown, VA

For two decades, Mary Pursley-Cummings served in the United States Air Force as a technical sergeant and supply liaison manager for the 1st Fighter Wing and the AFREP. Now retired, she exuded her expertise in flight line supply and deployments through her daily responsibility of overseeing all supplies for the fighter wing and maintaining the inventory and allocation of aircraft spare parts. Ms. Pursley-Cummings credits her success to the motivation she received from upper management throughout her service; under their guidance, she completed training from the Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy and the Airman Leadership School. Her consistent work ethic earned her title of Airman of the Quarter for two quarters in a row, an award she feels honored to have received consecutively. Still a supporter of the military, Ms. Pursley-Cummings does consulting work with those just emerging in the Air Force, telling them, “Don’t base [your potential for success] on your first base.”

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Mary Pursley-Cummings

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