Marlena McCollum

Marlena McCollumTitle: Battalion Senior Logistician

Company: U.S. Army

Location: Seal Beach, CA

SEAL BEACH, CA, January 13, 2012, Marlena B. McCollum, Battalion Senior Logistician for the 453rd Chemical Battalion of the U.S. Army, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements, and leadership in public relations and logistics.

Ms. McCollum is a winner of the USARPAC Small Unit Supply Excellence Award, which she received after being stationed in Hawaii because she had been with her unit for only five months. Moreover, she has received the Army’s prestigious Meritorious Service Medal, and she is a five-time recipient of the Army Commendation Medal. She was honored with a Good Conduct Medal, a Master Resiliency Trainer Award, a Small Unit Supply Sergeant Excellence Award on the USARPAC level, and a Unit Prevention Leader of the Year award on the USARPAC level in Hawaii. Apart from her receiving a number of awards for her dependability, she feels that the most gratifying aspect of her career is being able to mentor younger soldiers.

In her current capacity, Ms. McCollum is responsible for serving as the property book team chief and senior logistician for six companies spread throughout three states, ranging from Nevada, California and Washington. She also makes sure that paperwork is being properly processed and submitted by the company’s supply personnel to brigade headquarters and higher echelons. She became involved in her profession, after gaining experience as a police officer deputy sheriff, because she comes from a military family. She wanted to be like her father, who was in the Army, and her sister, who enlisted while Mrs. McCollum was in still high school. Mrs. McCollum first became interested in joining the military when she was a child; she loved traveling and seeing the different places her family was able to visit.

Marlena B. McCollum was originally selected for inclusion in EliteAMERICAN Military in January, 2012. We are proud to be featuring Ms. McCollum again in EliteAMERICAN Military for 2013/2014.

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Marlena McCollum

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