Leonard E. Chenault, MS, LCDC3

Leonard E. Chenault, MS, LCDC3Title: Addiction Therapist

Company: Veterans Administration of the United States Government

Location: Cincinnati, OH, United States

Leonard E. Chenault, MS, LCDC3 is an Addiction Therapist serving the Veterans Administration of the United States Government. Specializing in substance abuse treatment, Mr. Chenault expertly conducts therapy sessions for military personnel returning home from war. He counsels individuals, families and groups, and he has been working for more than 40 years now. Mr. Chenault is an addiction therapist and he earned a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Xavier University; he is also a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, this accreditation allows him to proficiently treat patients with chemical dependencies.

Mr. Chenault became inspired to pursue his current career path after facing and overcoming his own substance abuse issues. He now feels empowered to work with and assist others in triumphing over their difficulties with substance abuse. Mr. Chenault works with veterans returning home from the Iraq War, the Korean War, and the Vietnamese War; he also works with veterans from World War II. His objective is to help them with their recovery. He holds individual sessions, group sessions and family sessions as well. He feels that he has been able to reach a high point in his endeavors to make a turnaround because of his personal drive and motivation. His plans for the future would be to have his own private practice, through which he will counsel people with their addictions.

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Leonard E. Chenault, MS, LCDC3

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