Joseph R. Bates

Joseph R.  BatesTitle: Staff Sergeant

Company: United States Marine Corps

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Joseph R. Bates, a Staff Sergeant for the United States Marine Corps, has been recognized for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in military service and logistics.

With 19 years of professional experience, Mr. Bates became involved in his profession in order to serve his country, travel and improve his discipline. In the United States Marine Corps, he is responsible for overseeing the Office of Equal Opportunity, as well as programs on motorcycle safety, and substance abuse and control.

After enduring an accident and struggling as an amputee, Mr. Bates was able to regain control through physical therapy. Relying on his positive attitude, he is now able to mentor others through similar situations. He attributes his success to his mental outlook and the training he received in the Marine Corps.

A certified peer/mentor for amputees, Mr. Bates is preparing to move to the Wounded Warrior Battalion East as a counselor and mentor for our Navy and Marines as they either decide to leave the active service or regain the strength to continue. He is a member of the ACA and Disabled American Veterans. In the future, Mr. Bates hopes to receive a college degree and venture into physical therapy to expand his reach to amputees and the aid of our wounded.

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Joseph R.  Bates

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