John Viteritti

John ViterittiTitle: Security and Investigative Contractor

Company: Self-Employed

Location: Bayville, NY, United States

John Viteritti II is a security and investigative contractor, as well as a veteran and ex-patriot. For nearly 40 years, Mr. Viteritti has built on an ever-expansive skill set in the areas of surveillance and security management, and he currently replaces military personnel for bases that require special credentials for clearance with the United States government. Mr. Viteritti is a recipient of the prestigious Detective Award, as granted by The Rouse School of Special Detective Training. He was inspired to pursue his current career path by a long-standing interest in space flight. The highlight of his career was working on the 9/11 campaign. He maintains affiliations with a myriad of organizations, including the National Association of Investigators and Special Police, The Rouse Association, the Detective Training Institute, the National Rifle Association of America, the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, and Strathmore Who’s Who, an organization with which he maintains lifetime membership. Mr. Viteritti attributes his success to sheer hard work.

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John Viteritti

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