Edmund L. DuBois, MS

Edmund L. DuBois, MSTitle: Brigadier General (Retired)

Company: U.S. Army

Location: Sonoma, CA, United States

SONOMA, CA, September 26, 2012, Edmund L. DuBois, MS, Retired Brigadier General for the U.S. Army, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements, and leadership in military affairs.

Mr. DuBois is a former Brigadier General for the U.S. Army. With a refined background in military affairs, Mr. DuBois was responsible for overseeing staff assignments with the Pentagon and managing commanding duties with the Army and joint military organizations prior to his retirement. Mr. DuBois served for 30 years in his previous capacity, and was stationed in Paris and Germany. He has written four books, which include “A Lace Cap and Two Boys,” “A Lesser Tale of the South Pacific – Reminiscences of World War II.”

In his command assignments, Mr. DuBois has worked with the Pentagon and the Joint Chief of Staff. He is a third generation military officer, and he has published two of the books that he has written about his experiences in the military. One of his books, entitled “A Concise Theory of Combat,” of which he is the co-author, is the technical side of military combat, and his second book, “In The Name Of Church,” is a novel set in France in 1572. Mr. DuBois remains extremely active in the military community, and he enjoys tap dancing and theatrical things, as well as playing tennis. He looks forward to the publishing of his third book.

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Edmund L. DuBois, MS

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