Dorriss E. Smith

Dorriss E. SmithTitle: Colonel (Retired)

Company: U.S. Air Force

Location: Stockton, AL, United States

STOCKTON, AL, September 28, 2012, Dorriss E. Smith, Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, has been recognized by Elite American Military for dedication, achievements, and leadership in military command, instruction and advisement.

In his previous capacity, and prior to his retirement, Mr. Smith was responsible for handling a wide array of duties, processes, methods, procedures and responsibilities. He was in charge of directing operational transitions, ensuring the growth, success and professionalism of Iraqi Police and National Police forces with 18 Iraqi provinces, and engaging with senior leaders to develop programs for sustainment while building national capacity. The award-winning military serviceman also took the reins when it came down to developing curriculum, giving lectures, and leading seminar discussions as an academic instructor and advisor. Mr. Smith served until 2010; he retired due to injuries and illness sustained in Iraq. He was deployed five times to Southeast Asia and Central America. From there, he returned to Stockton Alabama.

Mr. Smith became involved in his profession by attending the U.S. Air Force Academy after high school. His father was also an Air Force Colonel and pilot in World War II with over 2,500 combat hours and 50-plus missions over Europe. Mr. Smith earned a number of accreditations over the course of an illustrious career. He holds a Master of Science in Business Administration from Troy University, and he became a Scout-Sniper through the United States Marine Corps, a Certified Rescue Diver through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, and a Certified Homeland Security Professional III, IV & V through the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. He is also a Certified College Instructor through the American Association of Southern Colleges & Schools, and he has taken an Advanced Course on The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation. With more than 26 years of professional experience under his belt, Mr. Smith strives for excellence in his every endeavor as a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the National Association of Chiefs of Police, the Fraternal Order of Police, the LEAA, and Certified Homeland Security Professionals.

Mr. Smith has garnered a reputation of distinction among his fellow military cohorts, colleagues and peers. He is a recipient of 16 of the nation’s highest medals, and he received the Iraq Campaign Medal, as granted by the U.S. Air Force, two memorandum letters of support from the Major General of the U.S. Army, commendation medals and joint achievement medals, defense meritorious medals and meritorious service medals, and the ABCHS Nick Bacon Award. He has also received the Bronze Star and the Air Force Combat Action Medal.

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