Delphine Jackson

Delphine JacksonTitle: Program Manager

Company: Center for Naval Engineering

Location: Norfolk, VA, United States

Delphine C. Jackson is a Program Manager for the Center for Naval Engineering. With a strong background in training, she heads 10 school houses for naval engineering; she also schedules and directs courses, manages product planning initiatives, and handles funds, courses, students, and feasibility studies for the students. Ms. Jackson trains the National Guard, fire fighters and foreign navies based on war reports, needs and personnel qualification standards. She worked previously in San Diego and Pensacola in Florida. She has a strong background in training support of military and other personnel in Norfolk, VA, August 19, 2009. As a program manager for the Center for Engineering, Ms. Jackson is responsible for leading a team that supports 10 Naval Engineering Learning Sites located in the United States and Japan. Ms. Jackson ensures training requirements are met through class scheduling; correct number and type of instructors are available, production planning and managing course funds, feasibility studies that identify the correct number of instructors required for future years. The Coast Guard and foreign navies are included in Naval Engineering’s training requirements. She uses the war report for initial training requirements of Sailors leaving boot camp. Other responsibility includes Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS), task to be completed for a Sailor to stand watch on ships.

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Delphine Jackson

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