Angela Pearson

Angela PearsonTitle: Sergeant/Training Administrative Non-Commissioned Officer

Company: Washington Army National Guard

Location: Spokane, WA

Angela Pearson is a Sergeant in Training, and Administrative Non-Commissioned Officer for the Washington Army National Guard. She supports the government organization dedicated to the protection of the United States by utilizing her proficiencies in human resource management; Ms. Pearson is currently responsible for allocating awards, uploading documents for soldiers and updating promotions. She is an award-winning military professional who has garnered a reputation of distinction due to her demonstration of personal drive; she has received the U.S. Army’s prestigious Commendation Medal and Achievement Medal, and an award for service in Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as a National Defense Award. Ms. Pearson was deployed to Iraq with the Washington Army National Guard a month after completing her degree.

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Angela Pearson

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